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SIAL LEATHER INDUSTRIES manufactures LEATHER & TEXTILE Garments, Work wears, Gloves & Body Protectors. We have been in this industry for over two Decades and have been continuously serving Well Reputed major Brands in the market. We are having a good name among the Overseas Customers & the Leading Export Market of Sialkot. We manufacture Garments & Gloves in Cow, Sheep, Goat, Lamb, Buffalo & Cordura.

Adroitness is the asset of SIAL LEATHER INDUSTRIES. We possess vast Experience and Rich Heritage of Quality Craftsmanship in this Discipline. Our Products have Distinction in Quality & Features. To achieve the high Standards of Lineament, We have an In-House Production Unit. We take great care in manufacturing Our Merchandise under the most Rigorous Quality Standards with the assistance of Modish Equipments. In persuasion of our objective the Customer Satisfaction, We acquired greater Customer’s Affection through the years keeping in view the Requirements & Professional’s Cerebrations. Quality of our Merchandizes is under so Strict Measures that each & every Unit manufactured here is dealt as a SAMPLE. Every part is Meticulously Crafted with Great Care under the Supervision of Experts. We are in a position to make Bulk Deliveries within a Short Period of time. Our Pricing Department makes it assure to offer Customers the Reasonable & Affordable Prices. In conclusion, we have adopted QSP (Quality, Services & Pricing) as our Business Philosophy.

Yet, there is much more to be Achieved, many Novel Ideas to be Conceived and Great Horizons are waiting to be discovered. We look forward to Inspire the World more than it Inspires us. Our people are the most Valuable Asset. The Billions Rupee worth of Machinery and the Best of Technology are all Futile unless the Human Passion engages all these Resources towards Realization of the Dreams. We Strive hard to hire the Best and Retain our HR at all Costs.

SIAL LEATHER INDUSTRIES lives up to its Responsibility to Comply with Ethical and Legal Standards in all its Activities, both Within and Outside the Company. Compliance, which is understood to mean Adherence to all Applicable Laws and Regulations and the Company’s Internal Rules and Regulations, is the basis for all Our Business Activities.

CEO’s Message:
SIAL LEATHER INDUSTRIES is the Force Turning the Vision of Pakistan into Reality. We are delivering Iconic Developments, Driving Leadership, Pioneering Innovation and creating a Legacy for Generations to come. Thriving Communities, Market Leading Retail Offerings and Unprecedented Investment Opportunities.

The Effects of our Value System are Far Reaching. We all owe this to our Great People; a Nation that has earned the Reputation of an Aware Society that Welcomes Initiatives, Values Innovation and Rewards Quality. The same people make up the Happening Team at SIAL LEATHER INDUSTRIES. From Officer to Senior Management and Field to the Corporate Office, every Single Member of our Family is dedicated to live the Promise that we have all Sworn; Continuous Improvement in the Quality of Products however Diverse and Demanding!

We believe in Cooperation with Our Business Associates at each & every Level, on the basis of Quality Products, Fairish Prices and with Due Period of Delivery Arrangements. To build the Future, We need Ideas, the free flow of those Ideas & the Effective use of Human Power & Technology to shape those Ideas into Life Changing Ground Realities. Globalization makes all this ever more Possible and Easier.

I would like to re-commit here that we shall continue to be the most Innovative, Pioneering, Leading, Value Driven, Choicest option for those who work for the Cause, Our Employees and Our Customers alike.
The world is looking at us today as the Preferred Investment Destination. Lets us all be Proud and keep ourselves Ready to Deliver Consistently Over and Over again.

I welcome you all to the Lifestyle Destination that we comprehend as SIAL LEATHER INDUSTRIES.

Chief Executive Officer:
Mr. Muhammad Mushtaq



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